ABOUT - Vittorio Delogu
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Most would say I’m a dog trainer, but really I’m a motivational and passionate coach who gives hope and relief to stressed out dog owners. I work with families struggling with their dog’s challenges through a proven method that reconnects your relationship with your canine.

I’m A strong proponent of positive reinforcement dog training, I believe that with a committed owner, every single dog can be helped. I’m aware that each dog and its owner interact and learn in a different way and the key to any successful dog training is about finding the most effective program for both human and canine.

I have been professionally training dogs and coaching their owners around Europe in cities such as Naples, London and Barcelona. During this time, I’ve been volunteering in many dog shelters and prisons of pet therapy projects, working with hundreds dogs with differents behaviours problems like being aggressive,hyper.scared and so on.. along these years I learnt the importance of understanding how to approach them according the many circumstances and situations they may be involved in.
So a  GOOD RELATIONSHIP between us and our dogs can completely change our and theirs!

– Canine Behavior & Training Specialist – 2012 – Italian National Canine
Academy (ENCI)

Certified “Rehabilitator of shelter’s dogs” and as “Shelter operator” – Italian National Canine Academy (ENCI) – 2013 – 

Clicker Training with Teo Mariscal from Bocalan Academy – 2017 – 

– Dogs Afraid of water with Massimo Campini – 2014 – 

– Animal Assisted Therapy – 2017 – Italian National Canine Academy (ENCI) 

– Animal assisted therapy with Alberto Ayala – 2017 – 

–  Beach men trailing with Ivan Schmidt –
Aggressive and scary dogs rehabilitation by the water – 2018 –