PUPPY TRAINING - Vittorio Delogu
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My lessons are designed to help puppy parents introduce their pups to all they’ll need to know to develop happy, mannerly, well-socialized adult dogs and to make the most of each pup’s potential. my approach is gentle, effective, enjoyable, and designed to be daily mastered by all members of the family, youngsters included. training is decidedly “dog-friendly in its endeavor to teach young pups not only what we want them to do, but to want to do what we want. the puppy course is divided into two parts to most effectively meet your goals. some of the topics addressed in my private lessons and group classes for puppies are:

  • Housetraining
  • How to prevent and resolve common puppy issues like nipping, inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, and jumping up.
  • Teaching your puppy to sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, and leash manners (preventing sidewalk vacuuming, pulling, and putting on the brakes!)
  • Impulse control (leave it, wait, manners at doorways and when food is placed on tables and counters, settle down, etc.).
  • Aggression, fear and anxiety prevention.
  • Trainer moderated play groups for socialization and fun!


It is a starting point for pups on their way to becoming well mannered and well adjusted members of your family. In this part of the Puppy Parenting Program you will learn the beginnings of fundamental obedience and manners skills like sit, down, come when called, and leash manners. Great attention is paid to house training, curbing nipping, mouthing, and jumping up, and socialization, gentling, and handling.

*All puppies must have had their 1st vaccination prior to enrolment. 


  • Sensitive learning phase
  • Learn impulse control
  • Learn about toileting
  • Address nipping and biting
  • Learn about setting boundaries

Puppy training Level one:
100$ per session/1hr       


Focuses on helping your pup develop more refined skills for improved manners, safety, and pleasure. Great attention is paid to improving reliability of responsiveness to requests around distractions, and more advanced self control. This course is designed to help your pup through their critical adolescent period of development.

*All puppies must have had their 1st vaccination prior to enrolment.


  • Correct walking on lead
  • Meet and greet
  • Jump prevention
  • Control sit/impulse control work
  • Nipping/biting prevention
  • Focus work
  • Sit/drop stays
  • ‘Leave It’ instruction
  • Tug-o-war play
  • Recall
  • Street walking

Puppy training Level two:
100$ per session/1hr