DOG MINDING - Vittorio Delogu
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It’s really hard to leave the one we love behind when we go away… And i understand that. I proudly offer a minding service full of love and care for your best mate when you are away. Sometimes dogs do feel lonely and scared when their owners are away, and for some of them kennels and enclosures are highly traumatic (especially if they are not trained to them)… I can look after them and keep them company while you are away, at the comfort and safety of your own home. I will feed them, clean after them, i can include brushing time, play time and obviously cuddles…I can add extra visits per day as necessary.


• One Visit 30min (Included playing, cuddles and feed them)
35$             160$ 5days/week
• Double Visit 30min/each (Included playing, cuddles and feed them)
60$           280$ 5days/week